About Us

We are a pro audio boutique with sound laboratories in London UK and Portland, Oregon - specializing in sounds, sampling, beat making, original compositions and pro audio related products.

Wavediggerz was created primarily out of a deep love for sound design. Designing sounds and samples for producers to use in their own productions is what fuels the hard work and dedication we have for our craft. We pride ourselves on only employing top quality sound designers and engineers that each share in this passion. 

Our time spent refining our skills has given us a great understanding of what you as a producer wants, needs and expects from your sound kits. Our invaluable experience working within the music tech industry gives us the skills to design the sounds you will want to use on your own projects. We believe inspiration breeds creativity and by supplying you with the very best sounds you will make better music and feel inspired each time you turn on your favorite drum machine, plugin or whatever you use in the creative process.

We continue to invest in our sound lab and have access to many vintage samplers, Drum Machines, mixing boards, analogue synths and outboard gear. We ensure the very best quality by remaining unaffiliated and 100% responsible for all the sounds and products we produce.

Come and dig thru our collections. Our passion is making sounds we hope to enhance your passion for making music.