Battle King's Beat Battle

Ready to put your skills as a Producer / Beatmaker to the test? Welcome to Battle King's, our monthly beat battle that sees some of the best production talent go head to head in a winner takes all round robin tournament.

Our monthly hosted beat battle allows Beatmakers and Producers to showcase their skills against one another. Not only does the winner of each battle get to take home Battle King kudos and bragging rights but we have a whole host of prizes to be won each month and even some goodies and giveaways for the best runners up. That's not all, Battle King's participants will also receive regular FREE sample pack giveaways in preparation for each battle.

The rules of engagement are simple. Each month the Wavediggerz will send out the sounds and samples to each participant. These sounds must be used in your beat entry. Failure to use these sounds will result in disqualification. Entrants will be placed against one another in a round robin style tournament where the number of rounds will be determined by the amount of participants involved. Read a full summary of the rules of engagement below.

To join the growing list of Battle King participants and our exclusive Battle King's producer community use the Battle King's sign up form here. Becoming a member is free and entitles you to a host of giveaways, special promo codes and exclusive offers. If you need any assistance in becoming a verified participant please contact support here.


   •    FREE to Enter
    •    Sign Up (CLICK HERE)
    •    Use sounds from relevant #battle number collection
    •    Round Robin tournament
    •    Votes to be given by @mention on each battle video.
    •    Prizes to be won